Fit Story
Before becoming FITNE who ready to taking care of you 24 hours.
Figure caring Expert

All about weight and how to be fit in the safe and worked way.
Before becoming FITNE'
New Concept Product Co. Ltd. has established in May 24th, 2528 by Pharm. Visith Bumrungkit and Ms. Kanjana Bumrungkit with a great commitment in continuing  develop and research about herbs benefit in taking care of Thai people health under the FITNE' brand.

Our commitment in continuing develop and improve our product reflect on continued acceptance from our customer. FITNE' products are continuing success and expand delivery channel around Thailand as well as international region.
We can really say that,
"FITNE' is always beside Thai ladies"
To promote good health and figure are our inspirations which we have toward Thai ladies. We realize the important of taking a good care of health is vital to shape your living path into a healthy quality routine. As a result, lady will be able to be confident in their figure and gain know how about the correct and safe way to do their weight control.

FITNE', in response to this , we are continuing develop and research for the better quality of healthy product. As you may see from FITNE herbal infusion, FITNE capsule, FITNE instant coffee, and etc. Finest Selection allows us to support Thai lady  in taking care of health.

Quality Standard

In year 1985 , our company got the quality standard certified from Food and Drug Administration. In 1989, the company opened up the headquarter as well as production factory at Soi LadPrao 107 as a centralized place for all different department management as well as the main factory to produce food and beverage.

In the past operation, our company was able to build more trustworthiness in our product by receiving ISO9001, HACCP, GMP and Halal standard for Muslim consumers. Moreover, we focus and concentrate on every part of production step from good quality raw product selection, production line until delivery process to the hand of our consumers with the high controlling standard. These can be our guarantee that our consumers will receive the best quality product from us.

In year 2009 , the second production factory has been built at AMATA city industrial park , Chonburi which be considered to be only certified herbal producer factory in Thailand. The factory‘ve received BRC standard for food safety from the integration of large retail organizations. This is to confirm that we are emphasize and continually aim to deliver the best quality product from the beginning until today.